Andy Dick and Loraine Jarblum

Actor Andy Dick
Actor Kevin Rankin
Actor Steve Valentine

Actress Catherine Oxenberg and actor Casper Van Dien

Actress Christel Khali

Host Brenda Bourseau, Steve Yamin
and Artist Danny Maltzman


Brian Bell of Weezer with new project:
The Relationship

Michael Bourseau and Host Brenda Bourseau
Host Loraine Jarblum and Brenda Bourseau
Ja' Maal of Famous Lashes
Ja' Maal of Famous Lashes and
actress Dana Sessen
Power Magazine and Friends in High Places team up to host the AMA Awards Pre-Party
Tim Daley
The Ray Joran band with Steve Yamin
Virginia City Revival Band member
Recording artist Lord Infamous
of 36 Mafia and Loraine Jarblum
Actor Andrew Keegan